Main stage

This will be home to headline acts, DJs, Chester P’s 5 word freestyle & the now infamous Louis Den beat battles.

Square One

The concept stage that takes you back to square one - the dj by day, expect some specially curated dj sets paying homage to soul, funk, reggae and hip hop. By night square one transforms into a basement style club for them premium party vibes expect trap, grime, garage, future beats and more. Takeovers & Showcases from Lion Pulse, Top Ranking, Tropico, Just Is & more.

Sika Studios Stage

Sika Studios host a stage for three days complete with a skate ramp and an eclectic range of music. This area will provide a home for up-and-coming artists, headline acts, and label showcases. Expect hip hop, grime, bassline & more. Takeovers & Showcases from Sika, Hoochinoo, RLD, & High Focus.

Deadbeat Disco

Our friends Deadbeat Disco return to host our alternative stage dedicated to Jungle, DnB, Ragga, Bass music & more. This area - like last year - will give you that unique house party experience. Takeovers & Showcases from Warrior Jungle, Bassjam, Run Tingz, Sensi-Tize & More.